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About The Bakery

The Bakery is an interdisciplinary platform for research and production of visual media, dance and performance.

Founded in 2005 by Richard Siegal, The Bakery has consistently brought together artistic collaborators and performers from a broad spectrum to forge a novel creative vocabulary. Dialogue with software engineers, philosophers, architects, sound and video artists enriched this creative proposition.

One of the essential elements driving The Bakery is Siegal’s choreographic method, If/Then. This compositional system has generated performances, websites, workshops, an interactive installation and other stage work.

In 2016 Richard Siegal/The Bakery together with Ecotopia launched a new project, Richard Siegal/Ballet of Difference, missioned with creating new pertinence to Ballet in the 21st-century. In all our work, we remain dedicated to the exploration and production of contemporary performance.